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A Lookbook with Terrible Formatting

I like “online window shopping” in my free time, and after a while I typically compile at least a few outfits that I like. I somehow failed to notice that all of the outfits in this post have a similar primary color palette, but that’s fine. I suppose the theme of this lookbook can be “primary colors”, and maybe I’ll make another with some other colors. Also, please disregard the following formatting. I typed and inserted all of my photos and captions in a google doc, and the “ctrl+v” shortcut did not end well, and so I simply inserted screenshots of said outfits. Continue reading “A Lookbook with Terrible Formatting”

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How To Become A Better Artist

Nov. 25, 2016

My last post, How To Become A Better Writer, is kind of similar to this, in the sense that I will be giving tips and tricks on how to become a better *insert activity/hobby here*. I liked that idea, and I decided to apply it to this post, where I will show you how to become a better artist. If you have any other ideas for a post in this format, be sure to comment it down below this post.  Continue reading “How To Become A Better Artist”

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How To Become A Better Writer

Nov. 23, 2016

Writing is almost always a required topic in school, and whether you write for fun or due to it’s requirement, it is always a good idea to hone in on these skills. So, in this post, I will give some tips about writing, and how to not only become better at it, but to become the best you can be. Before you use these tips, if you want a story idea, you can check out my “Story Ideas I Wish Were Written Already” post from a few days ago. Continue reading “How To Become A Better Writer”