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A Book Review On The Goddess Girls Series

The Goddess Girls series is extraordinary in many ways. They are funny, historical, and easy to read. I think a good time to start reading these books is when you are in firs grade. They’re about four Goddesses (in the book they are called GoddessGirls) who are best friends. Their names are Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Persephone. They all have adventures together and always save the day. They go to a school called Mount Olympus Academy – also known as M.O.A. They have a foe named Medusa who is mortal, has snakes for hair, and turns mortals to stone. It is an amazing series by the authors Joann Holub & Suzanne Williams. Go to your local library and get the Goddess Girl Series so you can see how stupendous they are!!!


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