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Spelling Poem (number 2)

It is not very nice today
The sky is cloudy, it is very gray
We were going camping for the holiday
When the rain fell down with its shivery spray
We are in a ranch in Maine
With no direction in which to aim
unfortunately so, the sadness was contagious
So the birds on the trail
And even a nail
Were afraid to go out in the open
We had not much food
So we had popcorn for dessert
It is now the night
The stars shine down with their light
As we thank the stars for shining.


3 thoughts on “Spelling Poem (number 2)

  1. Riley, I love how you fit all of your spelling words in such a delightful poem! My favorite part is the “shivery spray”. love, Aunt K

  2. Riley, this is jenn Mitchell, Caleb and Noah’s mom. I just read your blog. I love it! The poems are wonderful. They are really inventive. I hope you are having a fun weekend. I am so excited for you to go to Walt Disney World. It iReally is the happiest place in the world, I am so jealous about you going to Harry Potter’s world. I have yet to get there…But I will one day. Maybe I will sneak into your luggage and go with you there. Please drink one butter beer for me…oh and a chocolate frog! Keep up the good work, Jenn Mitchell

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