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Spelling bee champion!

Have you ever won a spelling bee? I have! On January 11th, I won for the whole third grade, and I cried tears of happiness! My whole class congratulated me, and there was an announcement on the loud speakers in my school that I won! I even got to be on the school website! I might have won because I studied really hard, or that I was wearing my grandma’s pearl necklace, my grandma’s gold earrings, and a bracelet that my uncle Chris’s sister in law, Ericha made me with tiger’s eye and beads. I can’t believe that I actually WON the spelling bee!!!


4 thoughts on “Spelling bee champion!

  1. Fantastic accomplishment !!! I’m sure you won because of all studying you did. Plus a little ” good luck” from all the little extras you used as well.

    Grandma and Grandpa are very proud of you and what you have achieved. Keep going!

  2. Congratulations Riley! I was impressed by the words you spelled for us during Christmas Eve dinner and not surprised you came in first. Studying hard pays off! I’m honored that you wore the bracelet I made you on your big day.

  3. I’m so proud of you, Riley! I have a feeling that your diligent studying helped you to win the spelling bee! (It never hurts to have some good luck charms, though!) Uncle Chris and I love you tons! xoxo

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