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Riddle me this!

Have you ever come across riddles that are so confusing that you just can’t solve? Well here are two of them! I hope you like them. Wait, no, I hope you LOVE them!!

2 fathers and 2 sons go fishing. Every person caught 1 fish and no fish were lost. They came up with 3 fish all together. How is that possible?

Answer is….There was only a grandpa, a father, and a boy.

A woman wants to make clones of 1 rose. She borrows one real rose from her friend. When she is done cloning, the fake flowers fill the room. She needs to return the real rose to her friend, but she can’t find it. Then she has an idea. She opens the window. Why does she do this?

Answer is…A bee will fly in and go straight to the real flower.


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