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Movie Review; Man of Steel

The extraordinary summer blockbuster, Man of Steel, is so good, it’s off the charts! It is a PG-13 movie and is two and a half hours long. It has a lot of action, so I wouldn’t recommend it for children under the age of eight, but that’s only my opinion. Man of Steel has some similarities to everyone’s favorite movie, Superman, but has a very different plot. One of my favorite parts is when Clark (superman; Kal) Tries to stop the evil Zod’s world engines on either side of the Earth from destroying humanity and turning Earth into Clark’s real parents’ planet, Krypton. He flies down to the bottom of the ray that is changing Earth’s shape, and with a burst of speed he shoots up through the blinding laser, into the horrible machine’s interior, and braking it down, saving many people. But Zod wasn’t defeated so easily. Go to theaters to see how this amazing tale ends!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Movie Review; Man of Steel

  1. Have to agree with your review! The movie was really “BIG”. For those of us who remember the original movie back in 1977, this version was incredible. Although very different, the producers kept some very recognizable elements and dialouge in this version. Would love to see it again!

  2. I agree with Aunt K! I like how you entice the viewer to see the movie without giving away any major plot points. Spoilers are the worst!

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