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Selena Gomez Made the Stars Dance!

Yesterday I went on an amazing trip….. a Selena Gomez concert! I really am surprised at the effort put into the making of this stellar concert. So, to give you a visual, I will describe it in full detail for you. This might take a while, so get comfy! She changed outfits frequently. They were decorated with color, tassels, and sequins. She also sang many of her most popular songs, such as Naturally, Round and Round, Who says, I Love You Like a Love Song, and finally, everybody’s favorite, Come And Get It! The choreography was outstanding, and I couldn’t believe that she and her background dancers had to remember every dance move to every song! The spotlights were shining everywhere, and they had cool designs in them, like zebra print, flowers, stars, and strobe lights! They varied in color, so they really set the effect. The concert itself was set in the Prudential Center in Newark, and boy, was I blown away! The lights of the city were like stars in the sky, and it was a beautiful night, even though it was quite chilly! All in all, this was the most crazily awesome show that I have been to so far!!!!!


One thought on “Selena Gomez Made the Stars Dance!

  1. Great post Riley! Sounds like you had a great time. Wow, grandma and I have seen really great Greek ruins, oracles, ancient temples and Greek momuments. I have taken tons of pictures that I will show you when we get home.

    Miss you and Nora! See you soon.


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