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A Weird Animal and a Strange Food

Recently, I have learned about an animal and a food that I found interesting. I would like to share some information about them with you.

Our animal is an axolotl. I know, the name sounds weird, but that is one of the things that make it unique. Here is a pronunciation: ack-suh-lot-uhl. They only live in the Mexican lake complex known as Xochimilco (pronounced SO-chee-MILL-koh). There are very few, due to high demand for water leading to the draining of Xochimilco’s canals and lakes. Their average life span is about fifteen years, and here’s something cool; they never, not once in their life, leave the water. They are born in the water, live in the water, and die in the water. The only time that an Axolotl might leave the water, is on the extremely rare cases when they develop maturity enough to leave the water, but by and by, they are content on living in the depths of Xochmilco.

The crazy food is a truffle. But not your everyday kind of chocolate truffle either. This truffle is a fungus, like a mushroom, and is actually very good. It has tons of flavor, and is great in recipes. But you would not want to eat it alone, because it is so flavorful that you could use a mere crumb of it in something, and you would get a mouthful of bursting flavor. It is considered a delicacy, it’s so good. It is actually about one hundred dollars, for just a pound!! Crazy, right? And get this; they find it by using trained pigs, called truffle hogs. But people have to follow the pigs while they are searching though, for they are known to eat the truffle when they find it.

So, there are our super cool fun facts about one weird animal, and one strange food. I hope that these facts enlightened your mind and made you want to keep reading my posts. Thanks!




5 thoughts on “A Weird Animal and a Strange Food

  1. The axolotl looks like it belongs in a fairy tale! My mouth watered when I read your description of the truffle, but it doesn’t look very appetizing. Where did you learn about these two interesting things?

  2. Riley,

    Excellent post. Kate and I visited Xochimilco just last month so we learned about this interesting animal. Here are some more facts on the axolotl:

    -They regenerate body parts! Historically this has made people believe they have magical powers and were a very special animal.

    -They are endangered. Not only is lack of water an issue as you noted but other species have been introduced to Xochimilco and eat the food they want to eat.

    I will send your dad some pictures that we took on the canals so you can see what it is like there.


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