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Cool yoga poses

Hi guys! I feel like I want to do something relaxing… and what is more relaxing than yoga? If you can tell me something more relaxing than yoga in the comments, then I will give you a shout out! I have a few poses up my sleeve that I think would make you calmer when you really need it…like when you get mad or stressed. Hope you like them!

Here is the first. The Warrior!


And here is the tree. There are multiple steps, so there are a few more pics.




Here is the lotus.


And finally, here is the jelly fish!


I really hope that you liked these poses, and don’t forget to comment something that you think is more relaxing than yoga, if there is any!


2 thoughts on “Cool yoga poses

  1. Appreciate the suggestions! The next time I feel stressed out after a bad round of golf I’ll try one or two of these positions. Thanks again.

  2. You have just helped me realize I need to take time to relax and you are right what better way than 1/2 hour of yoga…thank you !

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