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2014 Sochi Olympics!

The winter olympics this year are a tight competition,  with many events, like the luge, skeleton,  snowboarding, skiing, figure skating and so much more! My personal favorite sport was the couples figure skating, more specifically the Russian couple that did the black swan lake. I also like the snowboarding event and my favorite competitor was 16 year old Ty Walker. She is a wonderful snowboarder and glides so smoothly when on the board. I think that we can all agree that the opening ceremony this year was a hit. Also, the parade of nations was incredible. The costumes were so colorful, and perfectly resembled each nation’s flag. Although there was a slight glitch in the stars which were all supposed to morph into the legendary 5 olympic rings, it was an astounding performance! Go team USA!

Please take this fun poll (click above) that I have arranged for you, and let everyone know your favorite Olympic sport! 🙂


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