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Post Requests! :)

Hey guys! I want you to comment down below some blog post requests for me to write about. Here’s how it goes. You think up some cool new post ideas, and comment them in the comment box. Then, when I read them,  I’ll type up some new posts for you to read and have fun with. Then, I will finally give a shoutout to the person whose idea I put in my post.  Have fun! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Post Requests! :)

  1. Riley, I am having a fairly hard time coping with an unusually cold and long winter here in Minnesota. Tonight it will be below zero again, and the wind chill will -29 when I head for school in the morning. The only thing keeping me cheerful is watching the Olympics! How about blogging about hoping for spring? Linda G (Maeve’s other grandma)

  2. It has been a long, cold winter in the northeast. What are some of your favorite ways to beat the winter blues? Do you have any tips or tricks to staying energized and entertained when the weather takes a turn for the worst?

  3. You should do…
    A book review on Tom Sawyer
    All about Disney world
    A bio on someone
    A post about the city Sochi (not Olympics)
    Your favorite vacation spot
    Safety Patrol
    The a Wizard of oz

  4. I agree with Wayne. I think a biography (especially of someone you know) would be fun. You could also blog about your sewing and post pictures of your projects, maybe even pictures as you go along.

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