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Sew Cool!

Hey guys! In this post I am going to talk to you about sewing!  It sounds a little unusual at first, but here’s the story.  So, a couple years ago I go a sewing machine for my birthday. I had always wanted one, but I didn’t know how or when I could learn. Then, my Grandma helped me figure out the machine and sew.  I also realized that our super-nice neighbor across the street could sew! I asked her if I could come over for lessons, and she told me that she would be more that happy to have me over! So I got busy. I finished a few projects and I would like to share them with you! Here are a couple of cool pics for you to look at of them!

Doll clothes:





Jacket (not finished)


Table runner


I hope you enjoyed this post!
The idea for this post was submitted by ‘Aunt K’ 😋

See you next post!!!


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