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Fun and Easy Family-Friendly Recipes!

Hi guys! Don’t you sometimes just want to get your hands dirty and cook but want it to be quick and easy? If you do, then this is the post for you! Here is a list of a few recipes. Have fun!

Strawberry Smoothie
Put freshly sliced strawberries, almond milk, honey and any other specialties you might like to add into a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass, pop in a fun straw, and drink up!

Ice cream cookie sandwich
Take 2 of your favorite cookies and put a dollop of your favorite ice cream in between. Roll the edges in some rainbow sprinkles and you have your own ice cream sandwich!

Minty hot cocoa
Make some hot cocoa then put a couple peppermint sticks into the mug with it. Pop in a marshmallow and you have a really good minty hot cocoa!

Yummy peanut butter and honey sandwich
Take two pieces of bread and spread honey and peanut butter on each side. Stick them together and cut it in half. You now have a yummy peanut butter and honey sandwich!

I hope you enjoyed these recipes and like how they taste. Bye!


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