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Scary Stories

Halloween is right around the corner, the pumpkins are out on porches, and ghosts are hanging from trees. So to get in the Halloween spirit, I’ve been writing some scary stories and I would like to share them with you. I will be posting them all through this week, so stay tuned!

I sit in the desolate, steamy room, tied up in my hard wooden chair with harsh, itchy rope. My senses are tingling with fear, and my hair is standing on end. I have no idea when they are coming back, or when my end is. This was the first time I have experienced true fear since I was three and they took me. I escaped then, but I don’t know if I can say the same about this time. It’s not worth struggling anymore, the ropes are already cutting into my skin, and I have only been here for 2 hours. I don’t have any clue when it will stop. I know its not a dream. I know I’m not imagining the whole thing, or else my life has been fake since my third birthday. I hear a creak, and a few limping steps. My vision goes foggy. The poison is coming into effect. I don’t know if that is a breath on the back of my neck or faulty nerves.I feel something warm trickle down my neck and a sharp pain. What is that noi-

*Remember, there are more to come, so watch for my next few posts with more scary stories for you to enjoy!


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