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Bonus Scary Story

I wrote another story and I just wanted to share it with you, even if Halloween is over. I really like this one, but let me know what you think also. I hope you like it!

-The flames were licking the tops of the dry, dead trees. I was encircled in a ring of orange heat, and it was constantly growing smaller and smaller around me. The tendrils were barely hugging my feet when I felt a drop. A wet, fat, plump, miraculous drop. I was overjoyed, yet I was scalded all over and tears were streaming down my face. But there was one thing I didn’t think of. Smoke. As the rain trickled down my face, my throat was crying out for mercy, for the deep, infinite clouds of death were clogging my poor, helpless body with an aura of agony. I was choking, dying, and croaking out my last cries of pain. But soon, it was all over, only I didn’t survive to feel the clean, fresh air that might of given me clarity after the storm.-



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