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The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I haven’t done a book review in such a long time, so I thought that I would do one now. I just finished this young adult series called the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. They are so amazing that when I finished, I immediately looked up when the 4th and final book is coming out. To my disbelief, it is on Feb. 27! So while I wait for the next book, I decided to write a book review so you can get inspired to read all three books before the last one comes out.

First of all, these books are dystopian sci-fi fairytale characters that we have come to know and love. The first book starts off with two characters, Cinder and Kai. They are based on  the well-known story of Cinderella. The second describes Scarlet and Wolf, and you can probably tell that they are from the story Little Red Riding Hood. Although this book mainly describes these two fascinating characters, the two stories of Cinder and Scarlet intertwine and they end up meeting towards the end. In the third book, the main characters are Cress and Captain Carswell Thorne. These two are based on the story Rapunzel. Fun Fact: Cress is named after the plant watercress, which can be found in the witch’s garden. In the third book, all of these interesting stories collide and the outcome is breathtaking.

In the first book, Cinder is a mechanic. She fixes androids and portscreens (this book takes place in the future if you were wondering) and lives a normal life. Except for the fact that she is a cyborg, a mixture between human and robot. Everyone despises cyborgs, so it was pretty tough since she slaved away at her stepmother’s apartment day and night. Until one day when Prince Kai stops at her shop requesting for her to fix his broken android, Nainsi.  Soon though, Queen Levana, the evil queen who resides on Luna (the moon) comes to earth and wreaks havoc. Read the first book to find out what happens to Kai and Cinder and the rest of their story.

In the second book, Scarlet Benoit lives in France with her grandmere on a farm and works at a pub. There is a new street fighter (people who fight for a living) named Wolf at the pub and everyone is staring at him and whispering to each other while he eats his large, abundant meal. When a fight breaks out between Wolf and another man over Scarlet, she flees, only to have Wolf follow her. They end up going on a long, tedious journey to stop Queen Levana’s army of special operatives, or wolf-human hybrids. They are on a rampage, and someone has to stand up against them. To find out how this tale ends up and how Cinder is getting on, read Scarlet.

In the third book, Cress is a prisoner in a satellite that orbits around earth. She is held captive and hacks all of the earthen security systems and watches all of the newsfeeds to see what is happening on earth. She is secretly on the earthlings side, but is forced to cloak the lunar ships so the people of earth can’t tell when the attack is coming. But when her crush, Captain Thorne, and the whole crew of Cinder, Wolf, and Scarlet comm her, she is so grateful that they are kind enough to plan an escape from her horrid space prison. But their plan is thwarted and the crew loses a few people on their mission. They are worse off than when they started. Read this book to find out how the group gets mostly back together and how a new member joins the party in Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles.

So far, the third book, Cress, is my favorite. It is so intense and I was literally reading it every waking hour. When I finished, I raced to the computer and wrote you this. So I hope you like it, and make sure to read this gripping trio (soon to be quartet) of amazing literature, which are by far some of my favorite books I have ever read!



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