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Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct. 22, 2016

There’s only nine days until Halloween – yikes. Chances are, you need a costume, and fast. I’m here to give you a few easy, quick, and fun ideas to dress up as, whether it be solo or with a group.

  1. Eleven from Stranger Things. 

    Stranger Things
    All you need is a pink dress, a blue jacket, and fake blood.









2. M&Ms

You and your friends can be this as a group costume. All you kneed are colored t-shirts and a white pant marker.

3. Taco Belle

Get a Belle costume, then just put anything taco-related on there.

4. The Spice Girls

Put your favorite Spice on a piece of poster board and you and your friends are the Spice Girls!


5. A Ceiling Fan

Write “Go ceiling!” on a t-shirt and get some pom-poms, and you are good to go!


I hope you enjoyed these somewhat funny halloween costumes, and that you got a few ideas on what to dress up as on October 31st. Happy (almost) Halloween!


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