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How To Make Money As a Kid/Teen

Oct. 22, 2016

If you are anything like me, you need money. You want to go shopping with your friends? You need money. Want to buy a new phone or computer? You guessed it-you need money. Money is a key element in the lives of kids and teens, and as we learn more about it, we start to realize that we need more of it. I, personally, am saving up for an Apple computer. Now, those machines tend to be on the more pricy end of the spectrum, but I’m determined to make that money. Consequently, I have been searching to the ends of the internet to find easy ways for kids and teens like me to make money. So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to make some dough as a kid.

  1. Before you even think about possible business ideas, you need to know the basics. In my research, I have discovered an amazing acronym to help with your quest for treasure.

D etermination


L earn

L ove


R espect


2. After the previous acronym is instilled in your knowledge, you can now begin. Set a goal for yourself. This may include how much money you want to make, how much time you have, and what you are going to do to make this money. After you have this goal set, you can find some ideas for how to make money.


3. Babysitting.

Whenever you babysit, you always want to check that you know who your clients are. You do not want to babysit for a total stranger, so never take a job without meeting the people first.


4. Tutoring.

If you are especially good at a certain subject in school, you can definitely tutor younger kids in these subjects. You can even double this job up with babysitting, by tutoring the kids while you take care of them.


5. Music Lessons.

If you play an instrument, you can teach other kids how to play the instrument as well. The child will feel more confident in playing his/her instrument, and you walk away with some money, just for helping a kid out.


6. Start a Website.

If you want to make some money on the computer, starting a website is definitely a great idea. You get to write about what you love, and you can make money off of ads. If you don’t want to write, you can even start a website to sell handmade crafts, such as bracelets, paintings, or even t-shirts. Start a website on WordPress here.


7. Start a YouTube Channel.

Personally, I do not have a YouTube channel. But I do know, however, that you can make money off of your videos by monetizing them. Doing this lets companies put ads on your videos, and therefore makes you money, depending on the number of views you get on that video. Start a channel here.


8. Sell Old Clothes.

There are many apps for selling your clothes, and most of them are free. Just go through your closet ant take out any clothes that don’t fit you anymore or that you just don’t like, and then sell them on these apps.


9. Use Survey Websites

There are tons of websites out there where you can make tons of money, or even receive gift cards, just for taking surveys about your favorite products. Some of these websites include, SwagbucksOpinion Outpost, and many more!


Those are some of the most basic ideas for making money as a kid. I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you gained some valuable intel. If you want me to go more in-depth on some of these ideas, just leave a comment below, and I will be sure to get you!


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