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Babysitting: An in Depth Article

Oct. 23, 2016

I recently posted some money-making ideas for kids, and I thought that the babysitting idea needed some more explanation. I will link that post here. So, in this article I will go in-depth on some babysitting tips, tricks, hacks, and all around general rules.


First of all, before you start to babysit, you want to take a babysitting course. There are usually a lot of different choices, for most local hospitals have babysitting classes monthly. If you don’t have the time, money, or dedication to take these courses (although it is strongly suggested), then just keep reading, for I will go very in-depth in this post.

After you take a course, or even if you’re just reading this article for tips, then I suggest investing in a bag. Good quality drawstring bags are perfect for babysitting. They are perfect for stuffing a few books, toys, and snacks in for the kids. You can bring them to every job, and you will definitely have the kids more engaged.

Another good thing to have handy is a babysitting guide. I’ll link one here. I would print this out and bring it to any and every babysitting job I go to. I, personally, have a different guide, but it is basically the same. Be absolutely sure to read the manual over before every job. This is so that you have a fresh idea in your mind of how to be the best babysitter possible before every operation.


After your job, when the parents come home, make sure to give them a full account of what went down. If the children got a scrape or bruise, tell them why. Say what the children ate, and any funny things that happened while the parents were gone. The parents will be glad that you pay so much attention to their children and that they know everything that went on, and will most likely ask you back because of this.


Now, pricing can be an iffy subject. I usually charge ten dollars an hour, but if there is more than one or two kids, then you may want to set your price higher. The amount of time also is a key role in pricing, because if you’re babysitting for over 4 hours, you may start to get tired. Always keep in mind the criteria of your pricing when babysitting, so that when to parents come home, you can charge what you are owed.


Saying goodbye to Mommy and Daddy.

When it’s time for Mommy and Daddy to leave, toddlers can go berserk. At a young age, unbreakable bonds are formed between parents and their children, so when they are separated, things can go a little crazy. In times like these, before the parents leave, distract the kids by kneeling down and introducin yourself. They will be too distracted that they may not even realize when their parents leave. Just be sure to always have your eye on the children, and never get distracted into doing other things.

Disagreements Are Common- Just Know How to Deal With Them

When babysitting for young siblings, it’s important for them to learn how to share with each other. If one sibling is playing with a toy car, the other is inevitably going to want the same toy. Usually, if the kids know that you’re in charge, they will come to you and ask you to resolve things. It is important to have them ask each other for the toy, not you. So, anytime one of the siblings toddles up to you, point them back to their brother or sister and tell them to ask one another instead of you.

Younger kids are easily distracted, so if they are getting into a fight with another child or sibling, just offer another idea. Give them a toy or a challenge, and it is most likely that they will follow suit and leave the disagreement behind them.

Fun Games and Distractions

-Make a craft

-Play outside

-Play pretend

-Make up games and contests

-Make up little scenes with toys

-Form a ‘band’ and come up with a silly name

-Watch a movie

-Draw or color

-Read a book and act it out

Snack Time

With younger children, it is important to be concious of their restrictions. Infants’ airways are only about as wide as your pinky, so it is incredibly important to watch what you ware feeding them.

Infant Snacks

-Baby food



Toddler-Elementary Snacks


-Raisins or other small fruits and veggies

-Soft cookies




You get the idea. When feeding children, just be cognisent of their abilities, and be sure to know if an infant is teething.

If there is anything else that you would like to learn about, please leave it in the comments section. Whether it be babysitting-related or something totally different, I will always appreciate your input!



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