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Student Planner Organization

Nov. 3, 2016

I recently posted  general student organization tips and tricks, so you can view that post here. This post will go much more in-depth, but only on the planner aspect of that list. I will provide tips, tricks, and DIYs to help organize your planner.

The first tip is to get a good quality planner. There are some good ones on this list. Find it  here.

In my Student Organization post, I also talked about getting supplies that make you happy. You can click the link in the first paragraph, and it will take you to that post where I also linked a few awesome products.

Second of all, it is always a good idea to write down everything. You have your planner, you have your supplies. Don’t let them go to waste-write down anything and everything! Your homework, long-term assignments, and after-school activities are all fair game for what should be going down in your planner. Even if it’s the smallest thing, write it down just in case. It is also always a good idea to either color code your planner or make important things stand out.

Sticky notes are awesome for planners. You can write down whatever you need and smack it on the page if you are in a rush.

Also, washi tape is an amazing supply to have on hand. You can write your events onto it, and if anything gets moved around you can just peel the tape up and stick it in a new place! It not only keeps your planner neat and tidy, but also very pretty.

Here are a few inspirational videos and websites to help you organize your planner to it’s full extent.


I hope that these tips helped you out, and don’t forget to comment your suggestions and hit that follow button so you can be notified every time I post something new!


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