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How To Get Through Your Homework Fast

Nov. 4, 2016

I am a student, as well as many of you may be. Whether or not you are still in school, we all know of the terrors of homework. Teachers just don’t seem to coordinate their assignments- some nights our homework is at an all-time high, then the very next day we need only get a paper signed. In this post, I will teach you some tips to help you get through your homework fast. I hope that this will be of some assistance to you, because I know that I will definitely use these!

The first tip is sort of like an experiment. On the first night of your week, time yourself doing your homework. This is your control night, or the regular amount of time it will take you to get your homework done. Then, the next night, you will want to take that time, subtract 1 minute from it, and that is how long you have to do your homework. Every night from that day on, you want to subtract one minute off of that time, so that you feel inclined to get your homework done faster.

Second of all, try to start your homework in school. A lot of times in class, you may finish your school work a little early and end up having a bit of free time. Use this time wisely, because you can actually get a lot of your homework done if you put your mind to it. Start your homework in school, and you should be good to go!

One tip that I personally use is eating. It sounds weird at first, I know, but it works. After I get home from school, I will make myself a snack, sit down, and watch some TV. This helps me to relax, and the food helps fill you up. If you don’t have something to eat before you start your homework, you will end up eating during your study time, and that will distract you from focusing.

Another tip is to use bribes for yourself. You can do this by putting candy at the bottom of every page you read, and then when you finish that page, you eat the candy. Also, you could tell yourself that after you complete two worksheets, you can watch an episode of your favorite TV show. These bribes compel you to work faster so that you can gain your reward.

I hope that these tips helped you out! If they did, please click the follow button. If you have any suggestions or ideas, don’t forget to comment below!


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