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Story Ideas I Wish Were Written Already

Nov. 19, 2016

I thought that it would be cool the share some ideas for a book or story that haven’t been written yet. Of course I’ll separate them by genre and such, just so that it’s easier to read, and I’m probably going to give you at least 4 or 5 ideas for each. Make sure to share your stories with me or comment them below if you decide to write any!


  1. A space mission to Mars, but scientifically accurate.
  2. A post-apocalyptic world where an evil dictator decides to outlaw all of the latest breakthroughs of mankind, i.e. computers, smart watches, laws, etc.
  3. A journal of an old man experiencing technological warfare (because it’s a perspective nobody’s ever written from before).
  4. A middle school class in the middle of a lesson and some kind of natural disaster occurs.
  5. Underwater colonies discovered by illegal fish poachers.
  6. A world where people have computerized brains but the technology is being obliterated by rampaging hackers.
  7. A genius tween who loves to invent things, but lives in a city where creativity is prohibited. 
  8. Mutant birds attacking mankind.
  9. A mock biography of an artist who is integrating technology with art, so that your walls can be bare but also useful.
  10. A genius astrophysicist who has gone crazy solving the problems of the universe, such as mankind’s travel to Mars.

Realistic Fiction 

  1. A young girl’s account of her parent’s divorce.
  2. A young entrepreneur hoping to come up with an invention to help mankind.
  3. A college student in New York City just trying to escape his/her boring hometown.
  4. A harried, single father, who is a business man struggling to take care of his 2 daughters.
  5. A kid who has only few friends, but is super intelligent.


  1. The FBI are searching the woods for a missing girl. A boy in the grade below her feels accountable and he doesn’t know why. He has also forgotten theist few days…
  2. Ten working parents disappear and nobody has any idea why- but their children are having odd dreams.
  3. It’s the first day of school and the main character receives a love note, but she has been homeschooled for her whole life and doesn’t know anyone from her new school. The note also sounds a bit creepy in a way…
  4. Your main character is at an airport and is confronted by a man who offers a large sum of money to your character if he just carries a package onto the plane. The man assures your character there is nothing illegal in it, as it has already been through security check. Does your character accept?
  5. Your character notices someone following them. The stranger trails them all of the way home, and watches your character go inside. The stranger finally leaves, but then your character decides to follow them, just to see what might happen.


I hope that this helped you, and if you decide to write any of these story ideas, remember to leave them in the comments!


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