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How To Become A Better Writer

Nov. 23, 2016

Writing is almost always a required topic in school, and whether you write for fun or due to it’s requirement, it is always a good idea to hone in on these skills. So, in this post, I will give some tips about writing, and how to not only become better at it, but to become the best you can be. Before you use these tips, if you want a story idea, you can check out my “Story Ideas I Wish Were Written Already” post from a few days ago.

  1. Read. If you don’t read, how can you expect to know how to write? Read a little bit every night, and you should be good to go. Try to set a goal for yourself, like reading one book a week, and attempt to reach that goal.
  2. Introduce your characters and plot in the first third of your story. You will get everything out of the way, and you can get on with the plot and story.
  3. Show not tell. Instead of saying that the moon was shining, show the water sparkling with shards of moonlight.
  4. Try to write every day. You can do this many ways, but my choice is by writing this blog. It isn’t a story, but it still helps to expand my vocabulary and writing skills.
  5. Avoid long sentences. You want your phrases to be short and to the point.
  6. Before you start your story, ask yourself these questions: 
    • Why do I want to write?
    • Who am I writing for?
    • What’s my message?
    • Have I found my voice yet?
    • What am I willing to sacrifice for my craft?
    • What won’t I give up?
  7. Read your stories back out loud to yourself. You will catch more mistakes that way.
  8. Start your writing with tension. It will hook in the reader faster, and will make them want to keep reading.
  9. End each chapter or section with a cliffhanger. Like the previous tip, it will hook in the reader and will make them want more.
  10. When writing fiction, give your characters obstacles. It will add to the plot, and make it more interesting.
  11. Still on the topic of fiction, know what your characters want. If they have no goals, there is no story. Just have an idea of hopes and dreams for your character, and you should be good.
  12. Develop your own writing style. Take your habits, good and bad, and make them work in all of your writing. It will really define what you are all about, and will make your writing stand out.
  13. Write about things you know. If you try to write about someone else’s life, you won’t know whats going on in your own story. All in all, just write about experiences and problems that you face in everyday life.
  14. Don’t put in too many ‘Eureka’ moments. It is overused and clichéd, so it is best to stay away.
  15. Be patient. There is no such thing as a book written overnight, or a good story written in an hour. Let the story run its’ course, and when it is ready, let it end in it’s own time.

I hope that these tips helped you out, and make sure you check out this post of mine if you want story ideas!


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