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Musicals and an Unintentional Semi-Hiatus

Well that was a longer break than anticipated.
First off, I realize how bad I am at posting regularly. It is completely unintentional, but I do try, I promise. I’ve been writing a lot more frequently, now, thanks to my internship at Project Write Now. My semi-hiatus, while elongated, was well spent. I’ve been reading a lot, and writing and art are big parts of my life again. Toward the end of this past school year I felt uninspired, swamped with schoolwork, buried in unwanted stress. The burden of being a good student was getting heavier as the work got harder, but I got through it, and I’m proud of myself.

I’m about a month into my summer break, and I’ve been having a good time so far. Currently, I’m taking an art camp, which is really inspiring me to work harder at the things I’m passionate about.

I organized my desk a few days ago, and now it’s quite clean and productive in that corner of my room. I’m relatively sure that that neatness will not last through the start of school in September, but it’s fine. I really love the feeling of true productivity and motivation (and a dash of inspiration for an extra boost), so little things like cleaning my desk or reorganizing my closet are enjoyable to me.

On a slightly more entertaining note, I really like musicals now. I’ve been listening to some, and so I thought I’d share the musicals I like and my favorite songs in them.

  • Hamilton (cliche, I know.)
    • Satisfied (Renee’s vocals are heavenly)
    • Burn (Pippa can do no wrong)
    • The Story of Tonight Reprise (I find some of the lines ironic)
    • You’ll Be Back (along with I Know Him and What Comes Next)
    • One Last Time (I live for Chris’s voice breaks)
    • Best Of Wives and Best Of Women (It’s only around 40 seconds long, but I cry every time.)
  • Heathers (“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”)
    • Beautiful (“I’d like them to be nicer”)
    • Freeze Your Brain (Who knew slushes could be so tragic?)
    • Lifeboat (Poor, innocent McNamara)
    • Dead Girl Walking Reprise (Hey Yo Westerburg)
    • Seventeen Reprise (its so much sadder than the first one!)
  • Be More Chill (really confusing, just listen to the full audio version)
    • The Squip Song (IT’S FROM JAPANNNNNN)
    • A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into (And the protagonists rejoice)
    • Michael In The Bathroom (Pure, sweet Michael being antisocial)
    • (I like all of the songs a lot, so I only picked the ones that I truly adore.)
  • Falsettos
    • (I only just started the musical, so I only listened to a few songs, so I won’t list my favorites, however I love the musical already.)


So those were the best (in my opinion) songs from my favorite musicals. I hope you enjoyed this post and forget about my semi-hiatus, as I’ll do my best to keep up with writing blog posts.


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