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How To Stay Calm In School; Anxiety Relief, Pressure Alleviation, and All-Around Serenity.

Nov. 21, 2016

Everybody gets stressed in school. It’s a fact of nature. There’s truckloads of work, social standards, and the expectation of having your life together. Nobody deserves that much pressure, and so I have come to the rescue. I am still in school, and I understand a lot of the troubles that you are going through. This post is going to list some helpful tips to aid you in staying calm during the school day. Continue reading “How To Stay Calm In School; Anxiety Relief, Pressure Alleviation, and All-Around Serenity.”

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Must-Have School Supplies

Nov. 14, 2016

It is no big surprise that I like posting about school, and I have written many posts in order to help out any struggling kids and teens who may need help. If you want to view some of my other posts, just check out all of my pages, and you should find quite a few.

So, back to my current post. I thought it would be helpful to post some must-have school supplies, just in case anybody wants some help with that.  Continue reading “Must-Have School Supplies”

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Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct. 22, 2016

There’s only nine days until Halloween – yikes. Chances are, you need a costume, and fast. I’m here to give you a few easy, quick, and fun ideas to dress up as, whether it be solo or with a group.

  1. Eleven from Stranger Things. 

    Stranger Things
    All you need is a pink dress, a blue jacket, and fake blood.









2. M&Ms

You and your friends can be this as a group costume. All you kneed are colored t-shirts and a white pant marker.

3. Taco Belle

Get a Belle costume, then just put anything taco-related on there.

4. The Spice Girls

Put your favorite Spice on a piece of poster board and you and your friends are the Spice Girls!


5. A Ceiling Fan

Write “Go ceiling!” on a t-shirt and get some pom-poms, and you are good to go!


I hope you enjoyed these somewhat funny halloween costumes, and that you got a few ideas on what to dress up as on October 31st. Happy (almost) Halloween!

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Hello Once Again

March 21, 2016

Ok. So I admit, I’ve been slacking off. I will try to post a lot more frequently, I promise. But, seeing as this is a new start to my website, I want to inform some of my newer viewers of my new content and ideas. I was younger than I am now when I was composing my past posts. I am hoping to output more mature content about not only my personal life, but also the world and big news about it. 

On that note, I would like to thank all of my viewers, family and alike, for supporting me earlier in this website’s past and I hope you will continue to support me in the future. 

Bye for now,


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Fun and Easy Family-Friendly Recipes!

Hi guys! Don’t you sometimes just want to get your hands dirty and cook but want it to be quick and easy? If you do, then this is the post for you! Here is a list of a few recipes. Have fun!

Strawberry Smoothie
Put freshly sliced strawberries, almond milk, honey and any other specialties you might like to add into a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass, pop in a fun straw, and drink up!

Ice cream cookie sandwich
Take 2 of your favorite cookies and put a dollop of your favorite ice cream in between. Roll the edges in some rainbow sprinkles and you have your own ice cream sandwich!

Minty hot cocoa
Make some hot cocoa then put a couple peppermint sticks into the mug with it. Pop in a marshmallow and you have a really good minty hot cocoa!

Yummy peanut butter and honey sandwich
Take two pieces of bread and spread honey and peanut butter on each side. Stick them together and cut it in half. You now have a yummy peanut butter and honey sandwich!

I hope you enjoyed these recipes and like how they taste. Bye!

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Boredom? I Think not!

Do you ever feel really bored and don’t know what to do, especially in the winter? I definitely know that I do! In fact, this weekend, I didn’t leave my street once! I was so bored, and I’m sure you’ve felt that way once or twice too! So, to bust that lingering boredom, I present to you this fun list of ideas to do when you want some excitement. Here goes!

  • Read your favorite book
  • Watch a movie
  • Spend quality time with your friends and family
  • Talk and E-mail your friends
  • Make a skit to perform to whomever you like
  • Play some upbeat music
  • Listen and watch your favorite podcasts and Youtube channels
  • Play boardgames
  • Draw
  • Craft
  • Try a new recipe
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Watch the wildlife outside of your window

And more! I hope you find this post entertaining and benefit from these winter boredom busters. Oh! By the way, the idea for this post was submitted by…

Linda Gudmanstad! 



Let’s give her a great round of applause! Woo Hoo!