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How To Become A Better Artist

Nov. 25, 2016

My last post, How To Become A Better Writer, is kind of similar to this, in the sense that I will be giving tips and tricks on how to become a better *insert activity/hobby here*. I liked that idea, and I decided to apply it to this post, where I will show you how to become a better artist. If you have any other ideas for a post in this format, be sure to comment it down below this post.  Continue reading “How To Become A Better Artist”

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How To Become A Better Writer

Nov. 23, 2016

Writing is almost always a required topic in school, and whether you write for fun or due to it’s requirement, it is always a good idea to hone in on these skills. So, in this post, I will give some tips about writing, and how to not only become better at it, but to become the best you can be. Before you use these tips, if you want a story idea, you can check out my “Story Ideas I Wish Were Written Already” post from a few days ago. Continue reading “How To Become A Better Writer”

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How To Stay Calm In School; Anxiety Relief, Pressure Alleviation, and All-Around Serenity.

Nov. 21, 2016

Everybody gets stressed in school. It’s a fact of nature. There’s truckloads of work, social standards, and the expectation of having your life together. Nobody deserves that much pressure, and so I have come to the rescue. I am still in school, and I understand a lot of the troubles that you are going through. This post is going to list some helpful tips to aid you in staying calm during the school day. Continue reading “How To Stay Calm In School; Anxiety Relief, Pressure Alleviation, and All-Around Serenity.”

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Story Ideas I Wish Were Written Already

Nov. 19, 2016

I thought that it would be cool the share some ideas for a book or story that haven’t been written yet. Of course I’ll separate them by genre and such, just so that it’s easier to read, and I’m probably going to give you at least 4 or 5 ideas for each. Make sure to share your stories with me or comment them below if you decide to write any! Continue reading “Story Ideas I Wish Were Written Already”

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Must-Have School Supplies

Nov. 14, 2016

It is no big surprise that I like posting about school, and I have written many posts in order to help out any struggling kids and teens who may need help. If you want to view some of my other posts, just check out all of my pages, and you should find quite a few.

So, back to my current post. I thought it would be helpful to post some must-have school supplies, just in case anybody wants some help with that.  Continue reading “Must-Have School Supplies”